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GLAHM A.1912.21

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GLAHM A.1912.21: human skull without mandible - click to view larger image

human skull without mandible

17.6 x 13.6 x 12.0 cm
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One of the collection of Bryce skulls. Upon first examination the skull appears juvenile but sutures are almost completely obliterated suggesting an older person. It should be noted however, that this may be due to the rather eroded surface of the skull. The skull is mesocephalic and is relatively heavy for its size. The individual is probably that of an adult female. The site of excavation of this skull is unknown. It had previously been catalogued under the name of Mountstuart, which refers to Bryce’s excavation of the Bronze Age cist on Bute [Bryce, 1904]. However, Bryce does not actually recover any skull from this area but merely refers to a skeleton excavated previously by Dr Munro. The skull that was excavated from Mount Stuart is now in the National Museum of Scotland (registration no. NMS X.EQ 102) [Sheriden, 2004]. It should be noted in that on this skull there is the Bryce marking of ‘B4’. This could perhaps mean that it was from a Bronze Age or Iron Age burial as all of those from the Neolithic have the markings ‘A’ on their forehead.

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