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GLAHM 139161: *Unident*  but partly a Hercules beetle. Un - click to view larger image

*Unident* but partly a Hercules beetle. Un

dry pinned: beetle

FIG Brown, G. & Hancock, E.G. 2008 26-32
Thi is a fake specimen, made up using the abdomen from *Dynastes hercules* Linn., the larger thorax and forelegs of *Megasoma acteon* Linn, and the smaller thorax and head from a *Strategus sp.*). Described by J. Laskey (1813) as "Scarabaeus neptunus" (Neptune beetle) in his guide to Hunter's museum. No such species exists and this name was not one of those listed by Hunter's trustees when this insect collection was catalogued in 1785. It has been stored next to a genuine male Hercules beetle of which there should have been two specimens. This fake and some others in Hunter's collection have been discussed in paper (Brown & Hancock, 2008, The Linnean, volume 24(3), pp. 26-32). Hunter's collection contains types from contemporary entomologists such as Fabricius, Olivier and Drury.

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