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GLAHM 127338

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GLAHM 127338: *Goliathus goliatus* Linnaeus, 1771. (Coleoptera;  Scarabaeidae) - click to view larger image

*Goliathus goliatus* Linnaeus, 1771. (Coleoptera; Scarabaeidae)

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A good quality large example of the Goliath beetle but with no locality data, chosen for exhibition in the new Insect Displays in 1997. For a species of beetle that is remarkable for its size and distinctiveness it has been given a lot of names. The type specimen is in Hunter's cabinet in the Hunterian Museum of Zoology (see number 126514) named *goliatus* by Linnaeus in 1771. Subsequent discoveries, in the nineteenth century, of what was then a very rare insect resulted in it being named again and again as a supposed new species. Lamarck called it *giganteus* in 1817 having earlier called it *africanus* in 1801! McLeay gave it the name *druryi* in 1838; possibly having compared it to Drury's description and coloured plate and believing it to be different. Klug called it *imperialis* in 1835 and Duncan decided to name an example *magnus* also in 1835. There are four other valid species in the genus currently recognised. This genus is characteristic of the Afrotropical forests centred around Cameroun, Gabon and Congo but occur in adjacent countries also.

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