INCA: Searching the collections of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

We are currently testing various search front-ends to our INCA collection databases.

INCA contains individual object records for our permanently-accessioned collections. However, we have over 1.1 million objects, and there remain very large backlogs of manual records to be transferred to computer. This means that these searches may well not show you everything we actually have. Web-searchable datasets are updated weekly, so new and edited records are constantly being made available.

The following are available:
NB At the moment, you can't perform searches across these different datasets and there are no images in the search results. This situation should improve over the next few weeks and months.

You might also be interested in searching our HUG database which covers "group-documented" material (mainly archaeological and geological), or the ZIP database (not yet on-line) , which contains similar information about the insect collections.

We would welcome feedback on these prototype search-tools. If you would like to make any comments please email You can get more information on INCA here.

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